The Album Experience - Is it lost forever?

Posted on August 4th, 2015

If you are creating music straight from the heart, leaving yourself emotionally vulnerable and telling your tale honestly, you are ahead of the game. If you are executing your creations under these ideals, it’s never a question about your honesty. It’s simply the question “do they like you?” “They” being the fans of course and “you” being the artist pouring your soul out over melodies. Try as you might to change the rules of the music game, one thing seems consistent; people love music the most when they FEEL it. Fans want to put on that track that suits their current mood and receive that confirmation that they are not alone. This is powerful. So many artists on the Top 40 aren’t creating that feeling and I believe fans are beginning to seek out alternatives through various mediums in order to find that “feeling”. In that rare moment that Top 40 and that “feeling” collide, we have obvious results. Adele would be a prime example of this. Vulnerable, young and extremely introverted Adele. She exudes the average girl with the not so average voice with the extremely relatable subject matter perfectly packaged with solid production and a fresh sound. THIS is what people are looking for. Do they listen to Katy Perry and T- Pain when they come on the radio? Sure. And then they purchase that one single and call it day until the ipod rotation requires that single to be kicked off for the next one. They bought Adele’s ALBUM. They lingered on every lyric and played that record out like it was gospel. For me being of the era where albums actually meant something, this was refreshing.

I grew up on the album concept. From vinyl to cassette to CD, the way we listened to music was changing but the album experience did not change. I may sound old school here but the entire process of music was a total experience for me. From hearing that new hit on the radio, to waiting patiently for them to announce the artist, to the record shop to buy that album, to learning about the history of that artist and of course, to listen to that album and hear the journey of my favorite artist. That was an experience that I will always be grateful for. It’s something that does not exist today. Today we are overwhelmed with options and easy access. Today we are on overdrive and our attention span can’t handle the duration of one song, let alone a whole album. Today we are missing out. This isn’t a blog to preach and complain about the latest industry trends against the trends of yesterday. It’s simply to say this…

Just because the consumption of media has changed doesn’t mean the quality of the art should downgrade. Music is so special and as the years pass in this high technology era, so do the music icons. The only people that can change this are you, the fan. You, alone, hold the power to force quality onto the airwaves. Support those that make you FEEL. Expand your scope beyond the ten songs on the radio and search out what you truly appreciate. When you find it, buy the ALBUM. Albums are a journey. They are the process of your favorite artist summarizing their adventures of the time into one collection just for you. Forget the single. YOUR single may be entirely different. You won’t know until you buy that album. Create your experience. Don’t allow anyone to rob you of that. I can tell you first hand that you are being cheated. Dig through the crates, do the research of your favorite band, find out who they are, what studio they recorded at and who they are thanking for getting them there.

I certainly don’t mean to ramble but I also want to add this note.

I am at a point in my life where I make music because it’s ME. I create what feels right when it feels right and without any expectation that you will buy my “single”, let alone my album. What I can promise you is that if you do take the time to explore my journey, you are guaranteed to FEEL something. Sounds worth it eh?