Like the devil’s temptation in one ear and an angel’s whisper in the other, Brooke ‘BK’ Archilla unites the dark grittiness of hip-hop with the sultry side of neo-soul to create a harmonious blend to call her own. Whether belting her heart out with pure honesty dripping from every lyric or laying down a flow that wraps around your thoughts with articulate twists, BK represents a strength and empowerment that digs up a soft spot in an otherwise male dominated genre.

Currently residing in the city of Los Angeles, where music seems to inhabit every street corner, BK lives to breathe the one thing that fuels her soul; the music. Embodying an engaging style that is built upon her captivating uniqueness and realism, her ability to pull human emotions from deep beyond the surface shines though her word play. But don’t let her seriousness fool you. Being a fan of cutting up the dance floor herself, she finds an outlet to release her animated personality though songs that make it nearly impossible to be labeled the wallflower in any club.

“Music has found me in many moments in my life and in many ways. Almost all of my memories are flooded with hook lines, melodies, grooves, and instances where music was part of that moment, that memory”

BK finds a rhythm to the performing artist madness by channeling her life through songwriting, whether it is for her own album or for someone else to color their own. While searching for ways to be heard, she created the 1 Minute Spit, a YouTube channel and video series that exposes her raw abilities in songwriting and performance alike. The 1 Minute Spit is unedited and executed in a single take. It is as real as it gets.

As an intricate artist in the musically saturated world, there is more to BK to be heard than words can fully explain. Rarely do we see artists surface, that choose to embrace the classy entrancing side of soul, interwoven with the complex misinterpreted world of hip/hop. It’s refreshing to say the least.

“As long as I’m staying honest, this goddess won’t be mistakeable”