Posted on November 13th, 2015

I grew up watching music documentaries.  Any music documentary I could find, I watched intensely.  I studied them.  I soaked them in and I learned a great deal of music history while watching.  The stories were fascinating.  I found myself completely sucked into the formula of people close to an artist speaking about them.  It felt different than just seeing the artist speak in interviews, etc., more personal, more real.  I had always wanted to put together a short documentary style video of my own that allowed for people around me to be the spokespeople.  The mission was pretty big and I knew it wasn’t going to happen overnight.

Creating this video was a long process. It took a village to get done. That is a large reason why it took me so long to finish it. I started collecting footage over 2 years ago, asking the same basic questions in the same order to many of the people that have meant something to me over the past few years in my music career. From DJ’s to singers, emcees to songwriters, students, videographers and fans, the intent was to allow them to speak for me (for a change). The result of the footage received was overwhelming and unexpected. These people poured their heart out on whatever medium they could just to ensure that my request was delivered. I was blown away.

Now that the footage was collected, another problem had surfaced.  With all this content, it was impossible to know where to begin in the editing process. It felt daunting and I started to get depressed and overwhelmed.  This mission felt way out of my realm and I wanted the vision to come to life the right way.  I needed reinforcements.

During that time period, one of the talented vocalists interviewed, Nesha Patterson, lost her battle with cancer and I fell apart. Having been fortunate enough to teach and mentor her, along with just being her friend, the news hit me hard and things were put on hold for a long period of time as I regrouped myself.  This footage may be one of the last interviews ever of her and it will now be given to her family in it’s entirety to keep.  Nesha was an inspiration to so many and I am thankful to have captured her in this video.  Her personality shines bright in every shot and although I cry almost every time I see the footage, I know she is proud of me and that makes me very happy.

As if that tragedy wasn’t enough, later in the video’s life timeline, my boy Anderson Ray lost his fiancee in a freak accident that took place in their own driveway. Their young daughter was witness to the tragic event. Both of them make an appearance here in this video.  The recording was made before the tragedy.  Going back to that footage was very hard.  Again I found myself putting the video on hold to clear my head.

In just a couple years, life had drastically changed for many, me included and I realized that if I didn’t hand this footage over to a 3rd party, it would never be completed. I was too tied and connected to it all and that would never change. Each time I looked at Nesha and Anderson I cried.  Remember those reinforcements?  Time to execute.  I called my buddy Eric.

Eric Powell is a film editor for motion picture trailers and a damn good one. I had met him while working as a music supervisor for a trailer house and we have kept in touch ever since.  He is a good friend and I knew he was also the perfect person for this project.  I handed over a slew of content and Eric began to work his incredible magic.  

Between my vision and his amazing ability to streamline that vision, a few revisions later and this short little documentary was finally completed.  I was very emotional upon seeing the final product for the first time and I even hesitated to release it.  I can’t explain why.  I suppose it just felt so close to me.  I almost wanted to be selfish and not share it.  Those that know me know that was never going to happen however.  It had to be showcased.  Nesha would have wanted it that way.

I am very very proud of the outcome. It was so much more than what I has envisioned. It’s a very humbling reminder of the journey I am living, where I started and where I am headed. The goal was never fame for me. It was to impact people and touch lives. This proves in 7 minutes that I am farther along in that goal than I ever could have imagined. Sometimes we don’t know how people see us until we literally see it. I am lucky and grateful to have had this opportunity.

So be sure to watch that vision; who I am, stories told through the eyes of others.  Let me know what you think.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the music documentaries of the past.  I hope you get a little piece of my music history and most of all, I hope it doesn’t end there.  I have many more stories to share so stick around.

VIDEO LINK HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q9sR8Hbo44c

Last but not least. There was A LOT of footage. One question asked to participants was “what is one question that you would like to ask BK?” This special segment will be released and I will get put on the hot seat to answer all the questions presented. And let me tell you, there was some good ones in there. Stay tuned for a special Part 2…..

A giant thank you to all. BOOM!